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Dr. Law’s Philosophy on Breast Implant Size and Bra Cup Size

I spend a lot of time with patients discussing their hopes for the outcome of surgery. I am particularly interested in their preoperative bra size and fit, in getting an idea of their ideal postoperative bra cup size, and in estimating their ideal implant size and profile. Postop bra cup size cannot be guaranteed (and can actually be quite variable depending on the brand), but it can be helpful in trying to fully understand the breast profile that each patient is seeking. During the consultation we take breast/chest measurements and look at a number of different implant volumes and profiles.

Based on our discussion and on physical examination, I go into surgery knowing what the ideal volume should be within two or three breast implant sizes. I may be sure that a certain profile will be best, or may intend to try out two different implant profiles during the surgical procedure. However the patient and I do not decide on one particular size and profile prior to surgery. That determination is made using the implant sizers. There is absolutely no way, in my opinion, to know exactly which implant is the ideal one for a particular patient in advance of creating the implant pockets in the operating room. Careful evaluation of breast appearance with various sizers in place, with the patient sitting fully upright during the surgery, is essential to getting it right.

Much more important than the number of cc’s, or the ultimate cup size, is how it all looks from head to toe. To that end we have patient preop photographs available in the OR, including a shoulder-to-knees photo in both frontal and lateral views. The sterile surgical drapes conceal all but the breasts and chest, so it is extremely important to have a reference for how the augmentation procedure will impact a patient’s entire figure.

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