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Dr. Law’s Philosophy on Protecting Implant Position After Breast Augmenation

I put a great deal of effort into creating an enhanced breast profile that is natural-appearing, and I think it is absolutely critical to protect implant position postoperatively to ensure that the implants heal in the desired position. The implant pockets are made larger than the implants themselves, by design, so that the augmented breasts can move just like natural breasts do. We purchase a comfortable, custom-fit postop bra for our patients that is used for the first two to four weeks after surgery, and two 3-inch Ace wraps are used above and below the breasts as `breast bands’ to help stabilize implant position. When the inframammary folds are lowered, we protect the new folds with tape applied to the skin that lasts for one to two weeks, so that the implants do not settle to a position lower than intended.

We see patients in the office three to four times in the first two weeks after surgery to ensure that their breast implant position is ideal and that no adjustments need to be made to the bra, breast bands or taping. In some cases the bra and bands are used into weeks three and four, based on each patient’s individual needs.

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