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Dr. Law’s Philosophy on Augmentation Alone vs. Augmentation Mastopexy

I see many patients following pregnancy who are at a point where they could legitimately consider two options: augmentation alone, or augmentation plus mastopexy (breast lift). The advantage of augmentation alone is of course avoiding the incisions and resulting scars associated with mastopexy surgery, while the disadvantage is the fact that the breasts will not have the most youthful appearance possible – they will be very full in the lower pole and the nipple will appear somewhat low on the breast mound. And most patients will feel like they always require a bra regardless of choice of clothing.

The advantage of augmentation mastopexy is the fact that this operation produces a very youthful breast profile, restores most of the breast volume to a level above the inframammary fold (the crease below the breast), and allows most patients to go without a bra with certain clothing options if they so desire. The downside is the surgical scars resulting from skin removal, although proactive treatment of the scars postoperatively (laser treatments, topical agents, silicone gel products) usually results in very favorable and totally acceptable long-term scar appearance.

So it’s really a matter of deciding which you prefer – the most youthful breast profile and the associated mastopexy scars (and the freedom of going without a bra), or a less youthful breast profile but without mastopexy scars. It is a decision that is completely up to each patient.

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