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Breast Augmentation Details

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Dr. Law is happy to provide help to other patients and to his colleagues. That is one reason he posts detailed videos and information on how to select a surgeon However, we learned that some people had used the details on his breast augmentation before and after photographs as a “recipe”.

When the results of breast augmentation didn’t look like the results Dr. Law achieved, even though the same implants were used, patients were unhappy.

Surgical results really boils down to the conduct of surgery in the operating room, not just the implant size or style selected. The creation of the pocket, the placement of the implant on the chest wall and many other factors all have an impact on the result, as much, if not more than the exact implant size.

What should you look for when reviewing breast augmentation before and after photographs? Well first of all, you need to see photographs of patients shot from multiple perspectives. For each outcome, you want to see a frontal view, and oblique view, and a full lateral view to have some idea what the true outcome of surgery is. Also, when you are looking at photographs, don’t just try to find the after photos that appeal to you. Look for the before images that you think are similar to your starting point. What you’re starting with has a huge on the kind of result you get, so that’s going to tell you a lot about the kind of outcome you might expect. Lastly, you want to see lots and lots of photographs. You really need to feel convicted that your surgeon’s aesthetic sensibility is the same as your aesthetic sensibility.


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