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Latisse Eyelash Treatment for Fuller, Thicker Eyelashes

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Full, flirty lashes are one of the most feminine qualities in a woman. Products like mascara, eyelash extensions and eyelash curlers help women achieve darker, longer lashes, but only offer a temporary solution. In addition, they often lead to eyelashes becoming dry and brittle, causing them to fall out and lose their thickness.

With Latisse, patients can obtain long-lasting results with their eyelash treatment. Latisse is the first and only eyelash treatment that has been approved and proven effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is only available by prescription.

Experience the Latisse Advantage

There is no need for false eyelashes, eyelash extensions or daily applications of mascara and its subsequent removal when Latisse provides fuller, darker, thicker lashes within 16 weeks of the initial application.

Originally intended to treat glaucoma, Latisse is a topical treatment of bimatoprost, which has been proven to stimulate eyelash growth. Every night, patients gently apply a thin layer of Latisse to the base of their eyelashes, similar to how they would apply liquid eyeliner. By four weeks, patients note their lashes are noticeably darker, thicker and longer. Within 16 weeks, patients experience dramatic transformations of their eyelashes. In a clinical trial, more than 78 percent of patients reported fuller, darker, longer lashes within 16 weeks.


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