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Non-Surgical Hand Rejuvenation

Did you know that signs of aging will present with loss of volume in the hands? A moderate loss of volume in the hands can be supplemented with Juvederm Voluma by our expert nurse injectors. This meticulous, virtually pain free, experience will leave one with INSTANT results in as little as thirty minutes. Our nurse injectors have performed over 8,000 dermal filler procedures and have studied alongside Dr. Michael Law, MD for over 500+ hours of structural fat grafting procedures.

hand rejuvenation

“I feel like my hands look ten years younger”. – J. Johnson, Raleigh

“My hands always bothered me until I finally had my procedure, I was surprised at how little it hurt and how instant the results were”. – Christine, Raleigh

A hand rejuvenation is indicated for clients who have volume loss or projection of veins on the hands. Our nurse injectors will perform a complimentary consultation and assessment to determine if you are an appropriate candidate. Our providers will only provide enough product to receive optimal results so a conservative and natural approach is always taken. Call Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery  today for your consultation.

Price range: per syringe (average $1,600)

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