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Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Blue Water Spa Voted Best medical Spa in America  is pleased to announce the latest addition to our arsenal of laser technology, maintaining our place at the forefront of laser hair removal, laser skin tightening, and anti-aging skin care: Pneumatic Skin Flattening, known by the acronym PSF.

Over the past ten years, the aesthetic laser industry has sought continuously to improve the comfort and efficacy of laser procedures; if you have received aesthetic laser treatments in the past, you will be pleased to learn that this newest generation of laser technology makes those treatments even more accurate and comfortable than before.

Pneumatic Skin Flattening is proof that an elegant solution may also be a very simple one.  Commonly laser hair removal treatments and laser skin tightening treatments have involved the application of a cryogen to temporarily numb the skin area just before it is exposed to the laser.  While this process does much to reduce discomfort, PSF is even more effective.  A small, box-shaped chamber is applied to the surface of the skin, and suction pulls the skin area taut underneath, compressing it. The highly thermal conductive sapphire window on top of the chamber allows the laser to treat the skin while it is compressed.
These conditions offer a number of benefits for laser treatments:

  • The skin compression blocks the function of pain nerves, greatly reducing discomfort from exposure to the laser. In many cases this allows for higher intensity laser treatments, yielding greater results.
  • The skin compression also minimizes blood flow in the area, which increases the efficacy of the laser to target pigmented hair follicles below the skin for laser hair removal.
  • The thermal window offers superior epidermal protection, reducing the temporary erythema (redness from congested capillaries) that commonly occurs after laser treatments.  This makes it even easier to consider laser treatments as ‘lunchtime’ procedures, with virtually no downtime.

Cary Laser Hair Removal Pneumatic Skin Flattening represents the safest and most effective advances in laser aesthetics, and Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in North Carolina is proud to offer it among our aesthetic laser services.  If you would like more information about PSF or any services we provide, we encourage you to call us at 919 870-8660, or email our plastic surgeon.

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