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My Philosophy on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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When you get right down to it, nobody really needs cosmetic surgery.

It is rather a matter of whether or not an individual wants cosmetic surgery. God makes us all, and all of our parts, in different shapes and sizes – and all of it changes with age. Cosmetic surgery can help to create more ideal facial profiles and body proportions, and it can help a person to appear to ‘age gracefully’, but you certainly don’t have to have cosmetic surgery to be beautiful or handsome. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder; it is, more importantly, in the eye of the beheld. It is really what you think that matters.

That being said, cosmetic surgery can have a positive, powerful and lasting impact on a person’s life. You may already be absolutely certain that you want to have a particular procedure performed, and I am continually amazed at how thoroughly many patients have educated themselves about specific procedures prior to their consultation. Alternately, you may not yet know what possibilities exist for improving a feature that you would like to change. Or you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what feature it is that ‘ages’ you.

In any case, the only way to truly decide whether or not to ‘have something done’ is to get the best information available from a source with experience and appropriate credentials, whom you trust with your well-being. That information includes a thorough understanding of all options available, both surgical and non-surgical, and it should be provided by someone that clearly understands your aesthetic sensibility and goals. This is what I do my best to provide for every individual that I meet in consultation.

My personal aesthetic sensibility is this: a great cosmetic surgery result is a result that looks natural, not ‘done’. I always delight in the facial rejuvenation surgery patient who reports that their friends or their colleagues at work say “You look fantastic!”, but that they can’t quite put their finger on why. And the body contouring patient who reports that “I look as good as (or better than) I did before I had kids!”

The Latest and Greatest?

Our mission, in our fully-integrated medical spa and cosmetic surgery practice, is to carefully research for our clients and patients which treatments and procedures are safe, effective and appropriate. We only incorporate aesthetic technologies and procedures into this practice which have been scientifically and reproducibly demonstrated to be just that: safe, effective and appropriate.

Today the popular media is filled with reports of the ‘latest and greatest’ aesthetic treatments and procedures (including surgical procedures) many of which come and go in the blink of an eye. In some instances the ‘latest thing’ may merely turn out to be ineffective and a waste of your money and time, but in others it may turn out to have an unacceptably high risk of complications – and in a few cases it may turn out to be, quite frankly, dangerous. Additionally, a fair number of so-called ‘new’ treatments turn out to be recycled versions of older technology. Beware of ‘trademarked’ surgical procedures, and of cosmetic devices and treatments with catchy names. Do your research before you commit!

The Full Spectrum of Surgical and Medical Aesthetics

For some time I have provided patients with both pre- and post-operative treatments by licensed aestheticians, including treatments such as medical skin rejuvenation, lymphatic drainage, medical massage and oxygen facials. These measures truly can enhance surgical results and speed recovery.

Additionally, there are many aesthetic issues for which cosmetic surgery is not required or is not necessarily the best answer. Dramatic aesthetic enhancements can be accomplished with medical-level skin care treatments including medical microdermabrasion, quick-recovery facial peels and the use of scientifically advanced skin care products. We also offer a wide variety of non-surgical, minimally invasive and highly effective aesthetic treatments including non-ablative laser skin tightening, facial contour enhancement by Juvederm® and Restylane® injection, BOTOX® injection for wrinkle reduction, laser hair removal for all skin types, and laser treatment of rosacea and facial ‘spider veins’.

It is our pleasure and privilege to provide the full spectrum of aesthetic medical and surgical care to the clients of Michael Law MD / Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Blue Water Spa.

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