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Michael Law MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Raleigh Plastic Surgeon Reviews

Michael Law MD Plastic Surgeon Reviews
Located in Raleigh, North Carolina serving patients in Raleigh, Cary and Durham

“Dr. Law and his entire team at Blue Water Spa are paramount in aesthetic plastic surgery and medical
spa treatments. As a surgeon, Dr. law’s meticulous skill and precision are a personalized gift he extends
to his patients. His caring demeanor and respectful disposition are reflected in his patents’ loyalty to his
practice. As a patient who has entrusted my body and face to his work, I can only praise his abilities and
those of his staff. At each visit, the bar is raised for the next as I am always treated with utmost care and
sensitivity. Due to the diligence of Dr. Law and his team, my new self has not just developed a more
appealing facade, but also has grown in confidence and strength. I am grateful for Dr. Law and the
efforts of his staff and recommend them proudly.”

“After Much Research I Found the best Plastic Surgeon in Raleigh. I did a lot of research to find the best
plastic surgeon for me. I first looked at training, evaluated medical schools, where they received training
and how the training programs are ranked. I asked my gynecologist, internist, my husband’s general
surgeon and every medical professional we know. Every single answer was always Dr. Michael Law. The
medical professionals in the Raleigh area have so much respect for him. Finally, I hosted a “ladies night”
including delicious rum drinks. The attendees shared a lot of information when I brought up plastic
surgery. To sum it up, Dr. Law’s patients were the women who looked great but didn’t look like people
who had plastic surgery. They just look natural and beautiful. Other women looked beautiful too but
some had some pretty awful stories about experiences with other plastic surgeons in the area. I learned
to ask about lawsuits and complications. Other plastic surgeons have some scary stories.

So, I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Law for my breast augmentation and chin liposuction. I
loved all of his photos. His staff was amazing and when I met Dr. Law he REALLY LISTENED. I knew he
understood what I wanted. I wanted to look totally natural. His photos are great but speaking to former
patients was very helpful. it really helped me. They all said they felt like their new breasts have been
theirs all along. After 5 months I am happy to report the same experience. It is amazing to wear
sundresses, strapless dresses and workout clothing and feel comfortable and totally natural looking.
My husband and I know how much better my breasts look than before surgery but friends others would
never guess that I’ve had surgery, they just think I’m lucky to have perky breasts totally in proportion to
my body and a beautiful jawline. I could not be happier with my results.

Dr. Law has better training than any other doctor I could find. He is the surgeon other doctors choose for
themselves and their families.”

“Best Surgeon in NC if not the country!. I own a business in the area and wanted to refresh my look
without looking “done”. I also am in the service industry and make it a practice to only do business with
businesses that focus on good customer service. I consulted with several plastic surgeons in Raleigh
prior to selecting Dr. Law. I chose him because I felt he listened to me, understood what I wanted and
showed me amazing photos of patients who had similar surgeries. I am so thrilled with my results that I
hope he shows every one my after photos! I also am so impressed with his entire staff. Each time I have
called everyone has been very informative and responsive. They are so concerned about me as a patient
and person that it is refreshing. I feel that everyone who works in his office is concerned about my well –
being and I could not ask for more. Dr. Law is a clearly gifted surgeon and has surrounded himself with
staff who are also very skilled at their jobs and compassionate. I would recommend Dr. Law to anyone
contemplating any sort of plastic surgery!”

“Breast Augmentation: Beautiful and Natural Results. I had several referrals from friends to Dr. Law for
both lipo and breast augmentation. But, I must admit I was a little nervous when I went to his website
and didn’t see before and after photos. Well, I contacted Dr. Law’s office via email and they sent me the
most beautiful and natural looking breast augmentation photos I have seen, and lots of them. Dr. Law
just believes in protecting the privacy of his patients from any kook who might be surfrin the web and
minors who shouldn’t have access to those images. I respect his philosophy. Each patient was
photographed from 3 different angles front, side and diagonal and eacxh photo was consistent. I read on
some site that almost any plastic surgery result can look good from at least one perspective, so I was
happy to see all the angles from Dr. Law.

After seeing the beautiful photos, I scheduled a consultation. Dr. Law was informative, approachable,
respectful and made me feel comfortable. I was told up front not only about the surgery, but about post
operative care. I was told I would be seen 3-4 times in the first week after surgery. Another doc said he
would see me 1 week after surgery. That sounded scary to me. Another thing I liked about Dr. Law’s
office was there was no pressure. They actually said, Take your time, we are not going anywhere. If and
when you think this surgery is right for you, you can call.

Well, I did have a breast aug with Dr. Law my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I look totally
natural, but beautiful and proportioned. I fill out my old padded bras and think a little bigger, but not so
big that it looks obvious. It is exactly what I wanted and just what we discussed. Even the girls at the gym
who see me in the locker room comment on how great I look. I just recently told a few of them I’ve had
“help” Before that they thought I was just lucky. I highly recommend Dr. Law as a surgeon who is
exremely talented, scrupulous and caring.”

“Best surgeon in the area. Dr. Law gave me a chin implant and pinned by ears back (otoplasty) – and let
me start by saying I am thrilled with my results. I went to three other surgeons, they all priced me lower
than Dr. Law, but I didn’t get the feeling I had with him. He’s gentle and professional, and shows that he
cares. He was upfront about what to expect, where others tried to sell me on different procedures. My
surgery also included a revision, where the anesthesia was all I had to pay for. Dr. Law took my boyish
looks and gave my face masculinity.

His staff is professional and SUPER friendly. I’m not sure about some of the other comments here, but
I’ve had a wonderful experience. They are extremely busy, which is reassuring when you think about it. I
had to book months in advance, other doctors were willing to fit me in within a few weeks. It is true,
they screen their patients carefully, as any plastic surgeon should. He is expensive, but worth every

In short, Dr. Law is professional, extremely friendly and genuine, his staff is wonderful, you may pay
more, but in the end you’ll be happier.”

“Honest Plastic Surgeon. I am so excited about my results from surgery with Dr. Law! I look like me,
young, fresh, happy, pretty. Two years ago I had consults with 2 other plastic surgeons. I don’t think they
are bad doctors, but something just didn’t feel right. After meeting several of Dr. Law’s patients and
seeing how beautiful and natural they looked I felt like he was the one. Once I met with him, I was 100%
confident. I did a lot of research and even though I knew he was the right surgeon for me. I asked a
million questions and they were so happy to answer everything. I asked about lawsuits and
complications and he’s clean a whistle! I had concerns about my eyes but said I wanted a full facelift to
be sure my result would be even. He told me I didn’t need a facelift. He showed me on photos of my
face how a small amount of fat grafting on my jaw area would give me the look I wanted on my profile.
It was amazing! His recommendations were completely different than the other surgeons. They all
suggested removing fat from below my eyes and an invasive endoscopic browlift that would have lifted
my brows in the middle, not just on the outer edges. Dr. Law added fat to my lower eyelids and did a
minimally invasive browlift on the outer brow only with one tiny incision in the hairline. He told me he
rarely does endoscopic brow lifts any more. The result of my surgery is so natural and beautiful. I look
just like me but so much younger, fresher, and happier. I feel so beautiful! Dr. Law is so kind warm and
caring and so are his nurses and all the staff. They are really amazing. I told Dr. Law he can show my
before and after photos to anyone. Go to his office and ask to see me!”

“FANTASTIC SURGEON, SUPPORTIVE STAFF. After much consideration and several consultations, I chose
Dr. Law for my long overdue tummy tuck. I was so impressed with the professionalism of his staff that I
instantly had a “good feeling” about his practice. Once I met him I knew that this was the right fit for me.
He and his staff answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable and clearly knew the things I
needed to consider. Dr. Law and his surgical coordinator were so considerate of my concerns and gave
me all the information I needed to make a good decision. They also had criteria that I had to meet to be
a good candidate for surgery, they seem to be more concerned about my well-being than in just signing
up as many surgeries as possible. His price was somewhat higher than other surgeons I consulted with,
but when it comes to my body and having surgery, price is just not my major concern – surgical skill, lots
of experience with tummy tucks, board certification, references from other patients, an in-hospital
operating room, an overnight stay in the hospital and a realistic surgical plan are what was important to
me. Dr. Law met and actually exceeded my expectations and was the obvious choice for me when I
weighed my choices of surgeons against my concerns.

I am wearing belts for the first time in years. I am excited about each season since now I can buy clothes
that fit and are flattering. Dr. Law gave me those things back and I am eternally grateful. He is not only a
skilled surgeon, but a compassionate and understanding person who seems to truly enjoy giving his
patients the best possible results. I could not recommend him more highly and feel that anyone
considering surgery would be well served to at least have a consultation with his office because they will
learn so much and have the opportunity to have a highly skilled, well respected surgeon as their

“I had an excellent results with my fat grafting with Dr. Michael Law. He is an excellent doctor. I had a
bad experience with a different doctor and Dr. Law save me with my frustrations, I highly recommend

“Wonderful Experience- Excellent Staff!!!!. I had lost a lot of weight but no matter how much I lost I still
had my big hips and thick ankles! I had been thinking about having some liposuction for some time but
was nervous and not sure about having it done. When I went to Dr Michael Law I was pleasantly
surprised. It wasn’t your typical sterile cold Dr. office. In fact when I walked in I was greeted and given a
glass of water and sat near a beautiful water wall, with pleasant music and smells surrounding me. First I
met with the surgical coordinator who took the time to answer my questions and show me many before
and after photos of Dr. Laws work. The next step was meeting the Dr. himself. He was very cordial and
listened to all I had to say. Then he explained to me what, and how he recommend to proceed with the
liposuction. I did go ahead with the procedure and had great results! He made it look natural which was
the most important thing to me! My family from out of town just thought I had lost a lot of weight and
toned up (exactly what I wanted). A new and improved me. I highly recommend using Dr. Law if thinking
about having a procedure!”

“My experience with Dr. Law was wonderful. He took his time in the consult, he understood and listened
to me, and my results from his fat grafting are amazing. I am grateful that I found him and will be using
him as my only plastic surgeon. – cassie”

“Best Plastic Surgeon in Southeast. I was ready for some changes but I didn’t want to have obvious
looking plastic surgery so I took a lot of time doing research. After much research and many
consultations in several states I decided that Dr. Michael Law was the plastic surgeon for me. His
education, training, and results are head and shoulders above any others in this region.
After Dr. Law’s consultation I knew he was the doctor for me. He identified issues that contributed to my
aging look when we viewed photos of myself in my younger years. Some of the subtle enhancements,
like fat grafting in my hollow temple area were part of the over overall effect that made me look so
much fresher and younger.

My surgery included eye enhancement surgery for upper and lower eyelids with fat grafting on my lower
eyelids and cheeks and fat grafting to my temples and to nasal labial folds.. I had a suture suspension
necklift, liposuction under my chin with fat grafting to my jawline to re-contour the neck and provide a
nice transition from the jawline to the neck. He also shortened my earlobes that were stretched after
years of wearing heavy earrings.

Dr. Law and his staff were incredibly thorough, organized, kind both before and after surgery.He
absolutely lived up to his reputation as the best plastic surgeon in the southeast. I felt completely
prepared. I had all questions answered The recovery wasn’t bad.

My results are absolutely magnificent. I have people tell me regularly that I look like I’m in my 30’s. The
best part is I do not look like I’ve had surgery. I just look pretty amazing. I’m 50 now, my surgery was
almost three years ago I think I look better at 50 than I did at 35. I told him he could use my photos so
look at his office or on his website and look at his before and after photos. I highly recommend Dr.
Michael Law for fat grafting and any facial surgery.”

“Best Plastic surgery place in raleigh. This is the nicest place i have been to yet. i have several friends
who have had surgery and they are really happy. I have been for botox and juvederm and have always
loved my results. people always think i am in my twenties!! wrinkle free skin is always in fashion. I
always have a pleasant experience and have found them accommodating whenever i have had an issue or
concern. I would definitely recommend them if you are interested in botox and juvederm or surgery.”

“Worth a trip. I flew from California to have plastic surgery in Raleigh with Dr. Michael Law. He
performed my breast implants in February and I was so happy I came back for my tummy tuck. I knew
people who had surgery with him in California and I thought, If I’m going to make a permanent change
to my body, I want the best plastic surgeon and one look at my body will tell you that Dr. Law is the best.
I know he has celebrity clients, I’m not one of those. I’m just a mom who wanted to look great and not
done. A natural result is what is important to me. People say I look great, but nobody thinks I’ve had
surgery. My body actually looks much better than before children. All of you in North Carolina are so
lucky to have Dr. Law so close.”

“My breast implants look completely natural. I have told some friends, otherwise no one would know.
My Experience with Dr. Law was wonderful. A true artist and a very kind man.”

“One of the BEST…. I am a 36 year old mother of three and was looking to have plastic surgery since I
am not planning on having anymore children. I searched for a plastic surgeon for years after giving birth
to my last child, keeping various websites bookmarked in my computer, when I came across Dr. Michael
Law’s website. I liked his philosophy, education background and experience, so I made an appointment. I
live on the west coast so in traveling to North Carolina I hoped that I would not feel disappointed. My
friends even questioned why I would travel all the way to North Carolina when I live four hours from LA.
I’m glad I made the trip! What I found was a very intelligent, kind, mild-mannered and conscientious
doctor who cares about his patients, the best individual results possible and overall safety. Dr. Law really
takes his time and gives you something to think about in terms of various alternatives. His work is
tailored to you. I booked a surgery date soon after my initial consultation for a tummy tuck and breast
augmentation. I returned to have my tummy tuck and I could not be more pleased with the results. I
have my pre-pregnancy waistline (okay maybe a little better than the pre-pregnancy waist) back! Dr.
Law may be slightly pricier than other doctors but his work speaks for itself and is well worth the price.
Whenever I show anyone my results, they may say that they have found a cheaper doctor but they will
not say that the work/results are as good. Additionally, I believe that certain qualities in a person are
unquantifiable; integrity, honesty, compassion etc. Dr. Law has these qualities. I felt like I could trust him
to do the best job. I had a benign breast lump which prevented me from having the breast
augmentation that I wanted. Dr. Law expressed genuine concern about my condition and even gave me
some insight into additional testing and procedures that I have the right to request. I plan to return to
North Carolina for my breast augmentation when my doctors here give me the okay. I highly
recommend him to people who are looking for a quality doctor and great results. He’s a wonderful
doctor and an even better person.”

“Exceptional Surgeon, excellent results. I had been contemplating and researching aesthetic surgery for
over 8 years. During this time I had 4 consultations, paying $100 for each of them. When I found Dr.
Law?s website I was impressed by his philosophy and ethics. After my consultation I was sure his
website was not just great advertising but expresses how he truly believes and practices. This type of
surgery is not a necessity, and I appreciate the fact that Dr. Law wants to ensure each patient is in
optimum health before being accepted for a procedure. In my consultation with Dr. Law I found him to
be respectful and caring, but also able to fully understand my concerns and offer wonderful suggestions.
Dr. Law looks at each procedure with an artistic as well as medical standpoint for better than expected
results. I knew I had made a wise choice and scheduled my surgery date with Dr. Law, who also happens
to be Dr. Law?s wife. I was very impressed when she told me that their family takes ?surgery day? very
serious by getting to bed early to ensure Dr. Law is well rested and being sure he gets a nourishing
breakfast. I had a full tummy tuck and after having the experience of recovering from 2 cesareans
thought I knew what to expect as far as comfort after the surgery, but I was pleased to find it much
better. Dr. Law strives to make his patients as comfortable as possible after surgery by using a pump
that bathes the area of the incision with a local anesthesia, greatly reducing the need for other pain
medication. I love the results and am in the process of scheduling the rhinoplasty I have longed for since
a child. I have felt very cared for as a patient and as a person with Dr. Law and his staff. I have found Dr.
Law to be an exceptionally skilled surgeon and feel so blessed to have him as my Doctor for such
important life-changing decisions. Regards, D. Phipps”

“Very Happy With Breast Augmentation. I am very pleased with the results of my breast augmentation
surgery performed by Dr. Law. When I attend formal events, go to the pool or even go to the gym I feel
much more comfortable than before and I look very natural. Other plastic surgeons seemed to have
before and after images that looked artificial. Dr. Law’s phjotos looked beautiful. I spoke to several of his
patients and they too were very pleased.

His prices were higher than the other plastic surgeons I visited but this was absolutely worth the
investment. he and his nurses are great and they seem to genuinely care. The care I received before,
during and after surgery was phenomenal.

He discussed particulars of my anatomy and how different incisions would work on by body. Together ,
and with my husband, we determined that an incision under the arm would be best. I afraid that my
breasts would be too far apart with this approach but he assured me though explanation and examples
of photos that this would not be the case. he was right. The placement is perfect and my scars after just
8 weeks are invisible.

I was quite surprised at the recovery. He used a pain pump and the pain was very minimal.
After checking on his training, his background, the state board and looking at his photos I knew he was
the doctor for me. After meeting Dr. Law I was even more convinced that he was a very good person in
addition to being a wonderful plastic surgeon.”

“Beautiful Natural Results. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Law and his staff. I traveled
from Miami for my first surgery last year. I had a breast augmentation. My breast implants look totally
natutal and not like implants at all. I must admit that in the beginning I was frustrated that I couldn’t
schedule surgery immediately. I now understand why. He really is a master and there is a wait. I am
currently recovering from my second surgery, a mini tummy tuck (to fix what pregnancy did). Dr. Law
and his entire staff has been warm and wonderful. I hightly recommend him an an exceptional plastic
surgeon for those seeking a ntaual looking result.”

“Great Experience. Dr. Law recently performed my “tummy tuck.” The entire experience was
WONDERFUL. Dr. Law gave me a natural result…my tummy has never been this flat in my entire life!!!
The office is beautiful, comfortable, and professional. The staff is caring, friendly, and very enthusiastic. I
am looking forward to having additional procedures performed by Dr. Law. I would highly recommend

“Extremely skilled surgeon. After having children, I went to see Dr. Law for an abdominoplasty and
liposuction. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Law and his staff, and most importantly, the procedure
results far exceeded my wildest expectations. Two years later on the advice of a friend, I went to a
different doctor for a breast lift and some liposuction – this doctor’s quote was about 30% less expensive
than Dr. Law’s. The breast lift is great, but the lipo areas are all lumpy–I can’t wear a bikini or really bare
my arms now, and that doctor told me the lumpiness can’t be fixed (I haven’t even checked w/Dr. Law
because it’s embarrassing and I don’t want to seem like a surgery hound). Liposuction is a skill and
should only be done by those who are skilled – Dr. Law has the skill and the slightly higher price is
definitely worth it.”

“Dr. L runs a well-organized practice. He is known for having the eye for the most natural result. He gave
me a thorough understanding of what to expect in my pre op appointments and has a great bedside
manner. The hospital where the procedure was done was warm and comforting as I was a bit anxious! I
am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend this physician to any of my
colleagues, friends and family. Thank you Dr. L!”

“Extraordinary Plastic Surgeon. I received a breast augmentation & lift from Dr. Law a year ago. The
results are just fantastic. The shape and feel were beautiful & natural right from the start. Even out of
clothing I look totally natural. 7 weeks ago I had a tummy tuck from Dr. Law. I am so happy with the way
I look and feel. I don’t look like I’ve had surgery, but I look great. Shopping is so fun. I don’t have to hide
my figure flaws any longer. Dr. Law is incredibly talented, kind and gracious. His excellence does not end
with his talent as a surgeon. He performed surgery in the hospital because it is the safest environment &
where my husband & I felt most comfortable. He saw me the evening of my surgery, the next morning, a
total of 4 times in the first week. I have sent 5 friends & 2 family members to Dr. Law. They have all been
delighted with their results (totally beautiful & natural) and impressed with the high quality of care he
provides to each patient. I had been considering plastic surgery for many years and had many
consultations with other plastic surgeons in the area before meeting Dr. Law. No other physician gave
me the confidence that Dr. Law did, and no other plastic surgeon has the beautiful, natural before and
after photos Dr. Law has. In other plastic surgery offices, I felt like they catered to people looking for
deals and financing, or elderly people seeking reconstructive surgery with less importance placed on
aesthetic surgery. My husband is an attorney who worked with doctors in CA, he discovered that Dr.
Law was the plastic surgeon of choice for doctors and their wives in CA. Some still travel from CA to see
him. I’ve known people who have had plastic surgery disasters. Don’t let it happern to you. Take your
time, ask a lot of questions, check the background of all surgeons and go with the best. Dr. Law is as
good as it gets in plastic surgery, not just in NC, but anywhere. Really, check his background & his
photos, you’ll see.”

“He’s an artist. Everything he warned me about and reassured me about came true. He’s super cautious.
One of the best.”

“Natural Looking Breast Augmentation. Well it’s summertime and that means all the Wakefield Mom’s
are at the pool. Let’s face it, a lot of us have had work done. But, Dr. Law’s patients all look great. My
breast implants are totally natural looking. In fact, I’ve been getting compliments on my bathing suit, not
my body because my breast augmentation looks so natural. I know some people like the look of really
large or ard looking implanys but I do feel sorry for some woemn who seem to be hiding the less tha
natural surgery. One neighbor even showed me her horrible scars and uneven breasts. I really feel awful
for her.

I know some people who went to see Dr. Law and they decided to get less expensive breast implants
from a different plastic surgeon. I don’t know of a single woman that got breast enhancement surgery
for another plastic surgeon that is acually happy with the result of their breast implant surgery.
My breasts look, feel and move like totally natural breasts. I guess I could have spent a little less money
and gone to another surgeon for my breast augmenation procedure but I am so glad I chose Dr. Law as
my plastic surgeon.

Before making a decision, look at all of Dr. Law’s before and after photos (mine are there, and lots of
others) and maybe go to the Wakefield pool. You won’t even need to ask who has had breast implants
from another plastic surgeon. it will be obvious!!!

This surgery really changed my life. I look better now than before I had kids. I hope that every woman
thinking about breast augmentation has the same wonderful result I have experienced. I no longer
sturggle with what to wear of what I can’t wear. Sundresses, swimsuits, low cut dresses, I feel great in
everything and I feel very confident in situations where I want to look like a mom or a wife and not the
person who had cosmetic surgery. I just look natural…..but really good!

Thanks Dr. Law. You are the best!. Maybe next year he can work on my tummy so I can be out at the
pool in a 2 piece!”

“Raleigh’s best plastic surgeon. Dr. Law performed breast augmentation surgery for me. I had
consulations with 4 other doctors. Not only were his before and after photos beautiful, he really cared
and really listens. He gave me the name of three patients to call before surgery. They all loved him and
his staff and were VERY happy with their results. Two of the women even volunteered to meet me and
show me their breast augmentation in person. They looked beautiful and natural, not at all like surgery. I
love my new look and no one would guess it’s surgery. He was the only doctor who offered an overnight
hospital stay and a device to totally eliminate pain after surgery. I’m glad to be a testimonial for his
outstansing work.”

“Raleigh’s Best Botox. I am so happy with my results from Botox. I had Botox once before from anothger
doctor in the area and didn’t see a change so I didn’t do it again. My sister has been getting Botox from
Dr. Law for 3 years for Botox and she insited that I try Botox again. She was paying so I couldn’t say no.
Dr. Law’s nurse did say that a very very small percentage of people don’t respond to Botox, but many
people don’t respond if they don’t have Botox that isn’t fresh or if a doctor doesn’t inject properly. I was
ready to get my frown lines and my crows feet treated. But, his nurse suggested that I only get one area
just in case I really was one of the people that wouldn’t respond. I saw absolutely no change for 2 days,
but when I woke up Saturday morning, 3 days after the injection, my frown lines were gone! My
husband noticed that I looked great but didn’t know what it was. I went right over to see my sister and
she started to do the “Botox dance” I have been getting compliments from everyone.Most people think
I’ve lost weight. Other people don’t know what is different, but there is definitely a change. I look so
much younger and happier. I don’t look frozen or weird. I just look fresh and happy. Oh, and it didn’t
hurt a bit. For anyone who thinks Botox doen’t work for them, go to Dr. Law. For anyone who has never
had Botox, don’t take a chance anywhere else. Dr.Law really is the best.”

“Great Plastic Surgeon and Great People. I recently had a mini tummy tuck and breast augmentation
with Dr. Michael Law. I never imagined I would feel so confident about my body after 2 c-sections. The
results are just amazing. I just wanted to feel better in clothes, but I think I could actually pull off a

I first contacted Dr. Law’s office nearly two years ago. At the time I was going through a difficult divorce
and not feeling like myself. Dr. Law’s patient coordinator was so kind. She suggested that I take some
time to decide if I really wanted surgery at that time or if it would be in my best interest to wait awhile.
She said that I could have surgery any time and not to rush into anything. I realized that surgery at that
time would have been a mistake for me and for my family. I had a consultation with one other doctor
who seemed nice, but did not seem to care about me as a person, at the other office I was getting
financing info and being asked about when to schedule.

I chose Dr. Law based on his training and his talent, and referrals from other patients. But, knowing that
he really cares about people (including me) was so important.

I highly recommend Dr. Law as an extremely talented plastic surgeon who provides beautiful results and
very natural looking results. Based on my experience with him, I also know that he is much more
interested in each person’s well being than just making money.

Oh, I appreciate his philosophy about not posting before and after photos on the web. But his photos
are beautiful, so look at them. For anyone thinking about plastic surgery, really take your time. I made a
great decision by researching and choosing Dr. Law.”

“natural look. I had some “touch ups” with Dr. Law. All the work he did was very natural looking. People
say I look great but aren’t aware I’ve had surgery. he and Dr. Law actually told me I DIDN”T need
something I came in for and was ready to pay for. Thety are very pleasant, very honest and he is an
extremely skilled and talented surgeon.

The entire staff is warm, compassionate and helpful.”

“Experience, reputation, professional, caring, excellent results that are natural looking.”

“Words cannot describe how exceptional I found Dr. Law and his staff at the Bluewater Spa to be. I was
extremely nervous about having plastic surgery and had talked with five other plastic surgeons. I could
not find my comfort zone with any of the surgeons until a friend recommended Dr. Law to me. From the
very beginninig I felt that Dr. Law and all his staff cared about me as a person and not just a patient. My
surgery went like clockwork, my care prior to and after was exceptional and I am still being checked on
even a year later! I have since had another procedure which was as good, if not more fun than the last
one! I regard Dr. Law and his staff as family and visit once a month to get a facial. The biggest
compliment I can give is that no one even guessed I had surgery….. I was just told that I looked “great,
rested, healthy, and “sparkly”. I can highly recommend Dr. Law and his staff to any person who mbraces
plastic surgery. You all ROCK at Bluewater Spa.”

“Went to several doctors for consults. Dr. L was the most thorough, professional, caring, and produced
(most importantly)the exact look I was looking for (and pain free!). Couldn’t ask for anything more.
Completely lived up to his reputation.”

“The care I received from Dr. Law and his team was fantastic. I traveled from out of state for surgery
with Dr. Law and they made me feel special and important every step of the way. The after care could
not have been better. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Law for anyone looking for very natural looking
plastic surgery. he is an excellent surgeon who is also kind and caring. His facility and staff are top notch.
It’s been more than 2 years and I am so happy. I look like I feel inside.”

“When I decided it was time for a breast augmentation, I hit the internet like many others do. I found
lots of plastic surgeons in the Triangle, but most of them only had a few before/after photos on their
site, and quite honestly, the results were just ok?(but I figured that they must have represented the best
they could do if it was on their website). Then I saw Dr. Law??s site. The proof was in the photos?his
augmentations were so natural looking. I have never desired porn star boobs (no offense to porn stars). I
was always happy with my B/C chest, but after nursing two kids, I was left with little volume and uneven
breasts. All I wanted was to be a C cup. Natural was key to me. I didn’t want people to be able to tell I
had anything “done”.

So I scheduled a consultation. As mentioned in other reviews, the first consultation is with a nurse. She
finds out what your desired results are, and also tells you the estimated cost. The consultation with Dr.
Law was $100, which is applied to the cost of the surgery if you decide to proceed. My husband came
with me to the consultation and we were both very impressed by Dr. Law. He is clearly knowledgeable,
capable and no-nonsense. He spent a full hour with us, was extremely candid about the procedure,
outcomes and possible complications. We trusted him completely.

The whole process from consultation to surgery was extremely organized. A month out, I had my preand
post-op instructions, and all of my post-op medications. I was able to completely prepare for the
procedure. His staff was always helpful and kind.

As for the surgery itself — my results turned out amazing! Even first day post-op, it was clear that he had
done a great job. As the days went by, things looked even better and better. I couldn’t be more
pleased. I have a chest that looks naturally beautiful.

Now to address some of the criticisms I read in negative reviews. Yes, he??s more expensive (2K more
than one surgeon quoted), but I have to live with the results every day. In my eyes, it was not something
that would be worth going bargain-priced on. I paid more, and got results I am so happy with.
Also, this is not the type of practice where you will see ads offering 0% financing on new boobs. They
don??t do layaway plans. The balance is due a month out.

I have two small kids, so I know parents can get all huffy and defensive when places are not ??kid
friendly.? But in all fairness, the office is also a spa. No one wants to have kids around when they are on
their spa day. Plus, before my first consultation they told me politely over the phone that kids were not
allowed, and it was stated in the follow-up email as well.

Finally, there is a wait to see Dr. Law. The man is busy (clearly a sign that he??s good), so plan at least
three months from your first consultation to when you will actually be able to schedule a surgery with

I’d like to extend my thanks to Dr. Law and his wonderful staff for the exceptional care I’ve been receiving. Everyone has demonstrated that great combo of warmth and true competence, which is much appreciated.

I love the results he created for me and the additional confidence I’m feeling these days after finally getting this procedure I’ve been wanting for years. I used to only take photos from above to conceal my double chin and fuller neck and I absolutely LOVE that I can take a photo straight on at eye level now and feel good about it!

I’m not particularly impulsive when it comes to medical procedures and Dr. Law was my 4th consult. As you may recall, I chose to commit to a procedure date on the spot after my consultation with him and meeting with both of you.

I really liked my pre-op and post-op nurses as well. My pre-op nurse had a pleasant, laid-back (but professional) demeanor that struck the right chord pre-surgery and my post-op nurse was wonderfully sweet and caring (she even brushed and braided my hair!)

I also really enjoyed the complimentary facial. My esthetician gave me the best facial that I’ve ever had.

Thank you again!

Dear Dr. Law,

I wanted to pen this quick note to express my sincere gratitude for you as a surgeon and person. My results are to be fantastic! How do I know this? Well, underneath all the swelling and bruising I can see how beautifully you have restored me to my youthful self. In fact, even better! Wow, you’re an artist and I won’t be able to think of you without the name “Michelangelaw” popping into my head! I know the surgery took you longer than expected & it’s obvious you did everything and more than you promised me and for this, thank you just doesn’t seem adequate. Perhaps more important than my results is that I know how hard you worked for me to assure my results will be the best that you can humanly make happen. I see and FEEL the attention to detail you took using all your skill and expertise for my benefit. It has to be physically and emotionally exhausting doing what you do, though I see in your eyes the commitment and joy you get creating beauty; this must be exhilarating!! To find someone with a calling and desire to pursue excellence at the level you do is quite race. I’m so happy I found you and chose you as my surgeon!!

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Law!

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