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Otoplasty: Surgery for Prominent Ears in Raleigh NC

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In most cases, the ear cartilage folds as it develops, which allows the ear to rest relatively close to the scalp. When this fold does not form (or does not fully form) the ears protrude away from the scalp, creating prominent ears. This may occur bilaterally or on one side only. By age 6, the ear has reached approximately 85% of its adult size and at this age or after is an appropriate time for otoplasty surgery. It is also an age at which teasing about the size and prominence of a child’s ear(s) is likely to begin, which is further impetus for having the surgery performed.

otoplasty before-after photo

Otoplasty is performed through an incision which is hidden on the posterior surface of the ear, and involves placing permanent sutures in the cartilage to produce a natural-appearing fold. The ear cartilage may also be anchored closer to the head with permanent sutures, and in a few patients some cartilage may be removed. Patients wear a protective head dressing for one week postoperatively, and they must not participate in sports or Physical Education activities for eight weeks following otoplasty surgery.

Otoplasty is very effective in restoring the normal proportions of the ears and in restoring a sense of balance to the head and face in general. Many young female patients I have treated relate that they enjoy wearing their hair up for the first time following an otoplasty.

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